What Can MaximumPLR.com do for YOU?

Here’s what we’ve done for James Jones of MicroNicheFinder.com…

… and for Matt Rhodes (the Rhodes Brothers) of IMsimple.com…

Kick Back, Relax, And Cash In On This Sizzling Hot Video”Private Label Rights” (PLR) Created From Top To Bottom By A World Class Team!

From the desk of: Phil Craig

Re: More cash in YOUR account…

Dear Marketer,

There’s really no question that having your own product or products can help you to generate a ton of money online.

Too bad creating your own products can be a gigantic pain in the ass.

… yes creating your own products from scratch can be EXTREMELY PAINFUL.

If you’re doing it ALL by yourself, you could dedicate weeks, months, or even longer to build your own products.

After all, even a simple digital ebook requires you to write the ebook, proof it, write the sales copy, create the graphics, set up the content delivery mechanism and much more.

Now, some would say, “Hire it out”… bring in some outsource vendors and just pull the puppet strings and let THEM do all this hard work for you.

Great strategy — expensive strategy — but great when it works right, and assuming you have cash to burn.

I mean… using our simple ebook example, you’d probably spend $500 to have the book written, you’d need at least $1000 for the copy, you’d need about $150 for the graphics, and then maybe a couple hundred more for the tech help to set everything up.

So, we’re talking thousands to get this done (and that’s cheap) if everything goes as planned… and if it doesn’t go as planned?

Well, then you could empty your pockets and spend hours upon hours chasing down vendors to get the work they owe you… and even when you do get ahold of it, it might not be up to par.

There Is Now A Shortcut To All Of This That Makes Profiting Online Almost Effortless…

This can all be VERY overwhelming

“All I can say is, “Props for creating PLR that anyone with a pulse can make money from!”

Hey guys,

I usually don’t “do” PLR because generally I find it to be crap. But when you told me what you were up to, well, of course I had to check it out.

All I can say is, “Props for creating PLR that anyone with a pulse can make money from!”

This stuff is the best quality Video PLR I have seen and I totally appreciate the fact that you’re even giving me the video source so I can edit these for myself.



Steve Iser

Trying to build, assemble, and bring everything together is enough to make many marketers quit before they ever actually get to the part where they make money.

But you know… there is a solution… and a VERY simple solution at that…

Let us do the hard work. Let us create and assemble high quality products for you so that you only have to worry about putting eyeballs on your offers and counting your cash.

Why spend your precious time and money on figuring out what kind of products to create and then producing them… when you should be selling and producing income?

We’ll do the research, write the video scripts, record the videos based on those scripts, edit the videos, get them transcribed, write your copy, and do your graphics… so that you don’t have to

In fact, if you’re one of the smart marketers that acts on this today — right now — you’ll have true plug and profit products each month…

…all built by top flight product developers, including a well known internet marketer, an award winning designer, and a top content creator!

Check Out A Sample Of The Kind Of Quality We’re Talking About Here…

You know what I hate about a lot of PLR products? Their quality sucks.

That’s why when I decided to do this — I knew I was just plain gonna take it to another level.

I’m talking high quality content… I’m talking about a REAL Sales Letter… I’m talking about great looking graphics…

I’m talking about a package that you could very easily just put your name and payment links on and start profiting from immediately — without one ounce of effort.

And that’s EXACTLY what we did by creating PLR products like this…

(Click The Image Above To View The Sales Letter Sample)

And that’s why we’ll continue creating PLR products like this one too

And like this one…

And this… as you can see, our quality is unparalleled in this industry…

Yeah… this is taking PLR to a whole ‘nother level… in fact…

Here’s Everything You’ll Receive With Your New Membership To Maximum PLR!

Generating cash on the Internet just got easier… and here’s everything that you’re getting as an exclusive member of Maximum PLR…

Completely Editable And Professionally Crafted Video Tutorial Series

Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock or taken a year off of the Internet, then you know that video is HOT.

Video products have a higher perceived value and sell like hotcakes.

Unfortunately — when they’re done right, they’re time consuming and to create, edit, and produce.

But, not for you! Because as an exclusive member of our new Maximum PLR, we’re doing all the creating, editing, and producing for you so that you just sit back and collect your cash.

Each month you’ll receive 10 high quality videos, at least one hour total video content, geared towards the Internet marketing niche, on in demand topics such as:





Article Marketing

Affiliate Marketing

And much more!

Have you ever noticed that those Brits have voices that just feel intelligent and authoritative? That’s why we brought in a British voiceover guy for your videos…

His smooth voice resonates with authority and your customers will be blown away by the quality!

Sell the course as is, offer the product as a bonus to another product, split the videos as packaged in each month’s products and upload them for traffic, create monthly memberships of your own

There’s just so many ways for you to profit! AND, we’re even including avi files so you can edit them as you please!

But, that’s just for starters because you’re also getting…

Source Files For Video Transcripts

Now, while video is undoubtedly hot… some people still like to print off PDF’s and read!

That’s why we’re also including complete transcripts of ALL of the videos in each monthly package for you.

And yes, these come complete with the editable source files affording you the chance to offer true multi-media training courses.

Easily turn the transcripts into top quality reports that can accompany your video products, split them up into powerful email training series, or turn them into articles for you or your customers.

Bottom line – these are like turnkey profit for you!

But this is really just the tip of the iceberg because you’ll also receive…

Fully Customizable Long Form Sales Letter

Once you become one of our exclusive members, you’ll also get instant access to this component of Maximum PLR, which hands you a professionally written long form sales letter each and every month.

As marketers we all know that without winning sales copy, we simply aren’t gonna make a killing off our products.

In fact, a good product with no copy is like having no product at all!

That’s why we’re also including a professionally crafted long form sales letter with each Maximum PLR package.

If you’re selling personal use of these sizzling hot Video PLR products then getting started is SO EASY…

Simply edit these letters with your name and your payment links and they are INSTANTLY ready for you to start generating traffic AND sales!

The bottom line here is that we’re handling the tough stuff so you don’t have to

with this long form sales letter component, 100% cash profits are right around the corner for you!

You’ll not find anything like this ANYWHERE else online!

you’re also going to receive…

Professionally Created Graphics With PSD’s

The next component of Maximum PLR is the stunning web site graphics you’ll receive each and every month.

And hey — we’ll even include the PSD’s so you can customize them to suit!

(you can even use them to create an entirely different niche site or a membership site that offers PSD graphics)

These are beautifully created by our award winning graphic artist team with a real world value of $300 per month! Listen… words sell, there is no doubt about it.

But people are expecting more and more when they come online to buy… and the days of crappy looking web sites converting like gangbusters are generally a thing of the past.

Today, in an attention deficit society you need sharp visual appeal to grab the visitor by the eyeballs and make sure they stick on your site.

That’s why you’re also going to receive graphics that virtually jump through your visitor’s PC and force them to buy!

As if all of that were not enough you’re also getting

A Complete Marketing Kit, which includes:

A Matching WordPress Blog Theme

Blogs are like traffic sucking machines and there’s no better blog for that then WordPress…

…yep, Google LOVES WordPress!

That’s why we’re also including these beautiful and professionally created WordPress blog themes, which match your monthly product packages to a ‘T’.

A Special Report to Build Your List

We all know the “the money is in the list,” but how do you convince a prospect to give your his or her email address? Here’s how… by offering them something of value in return.

With each month’s Maximum PLR package we include a 20 plus page “special report” that compliments the main product. And yes, these come complete with the editable source files. Use the reports to build your list, split them up into powerful email training series, or turn them into articles for you or your customers.

Product Specific Keyword Lists

We even do all of your keyword research for you. Keywords that are targeted to each month’s unique product. Use them to create articles to build backlinks to your sites or to target in your advertising campaigns.

Whether you’re using them on your own to send traffic to a blog that’s consistent with your entire web site, or whether you’re selling RR versions of these packages and just adding extra value for your customers…

these incredible add-ons are sure to boost your cash flow!

While we’re biased about the quality of the product creation team we have — and the quality of our monthly packages at Maximum PLR — you don’t just have to take our word for it:

“…the goods you have produced have consistently made me money and for that I thank you!”

I have been following John and Phil’s activities online for 2 years now and have bought into everything they have produced…

…as they just seem to create profit earning products every time.

Maximum PLR is their latest endeavor and I’m simply blown away by the quality of the content and the sheer scale of what can be achieved.

The products are simply outstanding and I will guarantee you will not have seen PLR of this quality – EVER!

The Compelling sales letters and professional video products make for an irresistible combination. In fact, each and every product is the basis for a successful business.

Where else will you find that for the price of a decent meal… in fact most people will spend more on coffee every month!

I have bought so many products that did not deliver what’s described on the tin (as most of us do) but the goods you have produced have consistently made me money and for that I thank you!

If I had one complaint (and it’s not a complaint really) it would be that the recommended selling prices are too low — the products are worth so much more in my humble opinion.

Congratulations on an outstanding site and Thank You for this!
Iain Crosbie

“I consistently make, at the very least, 10 times my investment every month”

Hi guys! I just wanted to drop you a note and say, “I’m impressed!”

I belong to at least five PLR membership sites and you guys always come out with the best quality and up-to-date information products I’ve seen anywhere else.

I consistently make, at the very least, 10 times my investment every month. It’s seriously a guaranteed cash cow if you put these product on the market.

Thanks for going the extra mile to provide quality content and excellent graphics packages that really sell.

Derrick Van Dyke

“…punching out some of the best PLR work I’ve come across…”

Jerome here…

Just thought I would give you a quick shout out and tell you that the maximumPLR is awesome.

As you know I’m one of the co-owners of PLSecrets.com and we take great pride in putting together top notch products, with great copy & appealing graphics.

It’s nice to see that you guys are also cranking things up to another level and punching out some of the best PLR work I’ve come across as well. ;)

thanks buddy -

Jerome Chapman

These folks are excited about Maximum PLR because there’s SO many ways to profit…

In Fact, Here’s Just A Sample Of What You Can Do With Your New Maximum PLR Packages…

Profiting from these high quality video and graphics products won’t be a problem for you… in fact, let’s have a look at just some of what you’ll be able to do…

Just put your name on the sales letter, upload the product to your own server and sell personal use to the video product for fast cash profit…
Create your own membership sites and resell these packages for an incredible recurring income
Split the videos up into a multiple lesson series and put into an autoresponder for ongoing customer content…
Use one or all of the videos as bonuses and instantly boost the perceived value of your existing products…
Use them to train staff or outsource contractors
Use the sales letter and product as a One Time Offer and add fantastic back end profits to your bottom line…
Give your affiliates the videos to use for promoting and watch them flood you with new traffic…
Combine the PSD files to create mega website graphic bundles (REALLY HOT RIGHT NOW…)
And much more!

And… while everything described above could mean easy cash profit for you… when you become one of our exclusive members today, we’re also going to include for you:

These Incredible Bonuses Are Yours Free Just For Taking Action Today!

Bonus #1 Unique “Spin-Ready Internet Marketing Articles each and every month!” (these alone are worth $50 + per month)

Want to know the secret to online success?

It’s an AMAZINGLY simple formula once you really break it down…

Product + Traffic = Money!

So, with your new Maximum PLR products you’re certainly covered in the “product” department… but what about traffic?

Well, we’ve got you covered here too…

Everyone knows that writing and submitting articles is one of the easiest ways to get targeted traffic to your sites and build nice backlinks in the process.

The PROBLEM is that you spend an hour writing and researching your article and submit it to an article directory, only to find that you hardly get any traffic at all.

The reasons is that you can’t just submit hundreds of copies of the same article to so many article directories and websites. Google sees this as duplicate content.

So how can you solve this problem?

You can use spin ready articles to create hundreds of unique articles with the click of a button.

The problem is the time it takes to write a “spin ready” article or the cost involved in having someone else do it for you.

That’s why we are going to GIVE YOU 10 UNIQUE SPIN-READY ARTICLES each and every month!

Quickly, Easily Get 90%-100% of All The Unique Content You Need with Unique Spin-Ready Articles Hand-Written by Verified, Native English Speakers

Specific Spin-Ready Article Details:

  • 100% Uniquely written, spin-ready articles of @ 475-500 words.
  • Articles are written only by verified native English speaking writers.
  • Spin-ready articles means they contain the “spintax.”
  • You will receive 10 articles every month.
  • Articles are written in the IM/Business niche markets.
  • All articles are spun two levels deep per sentence including multiple, “intra-sentence” spinning.
  • NOT spun PLR content.

What can you do with these spin-ready articles?

  • Unique content for a variety of web properties useful for your different marketing needs.
  • Unique articles for submission to article directories for backlinking.
  • Create short reports for lead generation or optins to build an email list.
  • Use for your own sites, blogs and web properties to generate traffic.
  • Create PDF ebooks and distribute to free ebook directories to promote your money sites.
  • Shorten, modify and use for autoresponder series.
  • Create videos using article-to-video software.

Normally, you’d expect to pay anywhere from $5 to $10 each for a “spin ready” article. Not with us…

Become a member and you’ll receive 10 fresh spin ready articles each and every month for– FREE!

Bonus #2 “Spinner Pro Software” (two applications worth $77 PLUS you get Master Resale Rights… read on!)

What good is having “spin ready” articles if you don’t have an “article spinner” software application?

We’ve got you covered there too…

Spinner Pro Software is a suite of TWO brand new software products that make writing spinnable articles or turning existing PLR content into unique spun content a breeze.

Power Tool #1: Spin Writer Pro. Spin Writer Pro gives you the perfect blend of the speed of auto spinning with the quality output associated with manual writing.

Load in a “spin ready” article and start creating hundreds of unique articles at the “push of a button.”

Not only can you use our spin ready articles, you can use Spin Writer Pro to create your own spin articles using any content (including all the PLR articles you have).

So what is it? It’s a specially designed editing tool with synonym look up that can generate spyntax as you go.

This means you can put the spin variations in as you write and when you’re done push a button and produce loads of unique versions of the same article.

In the time it takes you to do one article you are getting twenty, fifty or even a hundred unique spun versions.

With Spin Writer Pro you can quickly zip through any article, highlight words and drop in suitable synonyms in spyntax format.

You can save your spinnable version with its spyntax in place (suitable for direct uploading to sites and services that spin for you) or push a button and use the built in spin generator to create multiple spun variations on the spot.

Its so quick and easy to use!

If you can use a basic word processor or editor (like notepad) you’ll find using Spin Writer Pro childs play. Check out the exciting features:

  • Massive Synonym Library Built in:
  • Highlight a word and the software suggests suitable spinnable words.
  • Builds the spyntax for you. Choose your synonyms and push a button and the spin code is put straight into your article automatically.
  • Built in article spinner. Just tell Spin Writer how many versions of your article you want and push a button. It really is that simple!Nested Spyntax support.
  • Unlike many other spin tools, Spin Writer Pro supports nested spyntax (with no limit on how many levels deep). This level of power is usually only found in high-end spinning solutions.
  • Full Spell Checker. Just like a word processor you can spell check your document at the push of a button. Don’t risk sending out articles with silly spelling mistakes.

Power Tool #2 – Easy Auto Spinner.

Although I recommend that you create all your spun content using the power of Spin Writer, there are times when you just need to quickly pump out some variations of PLR articles quickly and without any manual editing. So included in the Spinner Pro Software Suite is ‘Easy Auto Spinner’.

Just give Easy Auto Spinner a folder that contains PLR text files and an output folder for the spun content, decide how unique you want it to make the content and click a button. Just minutes later you will have fresh, unique versions of those articles ready for use.The PLR text files don’t have to have any spyntax or special codes in them, they are just plain old regular PLR text files.

Easy Auto Spinner will spit out spun versions using one of two methods (or it can use both methods at once). And each time you run Easy Auto Spinner on a folder it will produce different spun content. No ‘spyntax’ needed. Just feed in plain text files and Easy Auto Spinner does the rest.

It’s just so easy!

But the most incredible thing about this amazing suite of Article tools is the price!

Become a member of MaximumPLR.com right now and you’ll get your copy of Spinner Pro Software Suite for …FREE!

But wait…

Very special LIMITED TIME OFFER…become a member of MaximumPLR.com right now and I’ll also give you full MASTER RESELL RIGHTS to this software at no extra charge.

You’ll be able to sell this package for $37 or more and keep every penny of the profits.

I’ll even give you a copy of the sales page so you can just edit it, upload it and start selling.

Bonus #3 - The Newbie-Friendly Guide to Spin-Ready Article Marketing (worth $27)

I realize some of you might be new to the world of “article spinning.” That’s why I am including the “Spin-Ready Article Marketing Guide.” You’ll learn:

  • What you need to know about article spinning.
  • What is article spinning and what is the pros and cons.
  • How to generate tons of targeted traffic and backlinks with spinnable articles.
  • How to create a super spinnable article easily.
  • How to put your article marketing efforts on autopilot.
  • The most effective way to submit your articles.
  • Ways to get spinnable articles without writing them.
  • And much more…

Plus, I am including another bonus report…

Don’t know where to submit your new articles?

This special report list the URL’s of over 1200 article directories for you to submit your spin-ready articles to.

These include loads of article directories with high PR and many directories with revenue sharing. (So that you can earn for clicks you get.)

As an added bonus, the guide also tells you how you can auto submit to all of these easily.

And get all of it for free, thanks to your friends at Maximum PLR!

Extra Special Monthly Bonus — Just Added!

**Just added** — this bonus allows you to enhance your profits with no extra effort. You see, we’re going to include a 2nd Private Label Rights (PLR) package on a completely different topic every month… so you have two products a month to profit from.

As you can see, the bonuses above aren’t your standard run of the mill bonuses… no… these are products and services that can (and do) help people make money each and every day.

And they’re yours free today, simply for securing your place in Maximum PLR.

Maximum PLR is “Incredible”…

So How Much Is Everything You’re Getting With Maximum PLR Truly Worth?

You might just be wondering what ALL of this is worth — well — we’re all about REAL world value…. not padding values… but these are just the kind of hard costs that you’d have to pay to do this yourself.

10 High Quality Videos Plus Editable Source Files


Complete Video Transcripts And Editable Source Files


1 Long Form Sales Letter


1 Set Of Graphics With PSD’s Created By Our Award Winning Designer


Marketing Kit: Includes Completely Matching WordPress Blog Theme, Special Report and Keyword Research


“Spin Ready Articles” Bonus


Spinner Pro Software Suite + MRR

$77 +

Spin Ready Article Report + Bonus $37

Extra PLR Package Bonus $97

That right! Over $2,150 in REAL WORLD VALUE — PLUS $2,041 in ingoing monthly value for everything described above!!!

Could This Be The Easiest And Fastest Way To Profit Online?

If you were to create just one of these packages for yourself, you’d spend weeks, if not months of hard work to complete them… but I am hell bent on blowing you away with more value than you’ll find in ANY other PLR membership…

Which is why I’m going to drop $2,041 in value to you every month, right in your lap, so you can simply download your packages and then go off and profit like WILD!

Listen, I want to reward those that make quick decisions about their business, so this $2,041 a month package can be yours for just $47 a month, if you act now during this limited time offer.

YES — profit like wild through an unstoppable stream of instant cash profits through these high quality Video PLR packages, created for Maximum PLR members only…

Well over $2,041 in value each month — for only $47 a month if you’re one of the fast movers to join.

Frankly this is an absolute STEAL… a tiny fraction of its value for just $47 per month… but I’m not stopping there… I am also going to remove any ounce of risk with my incredible…

100% 60 Day Money Back Guarantee

I stand behind everything I do with incredible conviction.

“I have been a member of more PLR sites than I care to remember, but yours blows the rest away!”

Hi there,

just want you to know that your site is by FAR the best in terms of over-delivering on PLR content!

I have been a member of more PLR sites than I care to remember, but yours blows the rest away!

Very happy to have joined.

Thank you,

And I know from personal experience that these high quality video products are cash cows, because I have been creating and selling my own for incredible cash profit for years now.

So, I’m confident that once you become an exclusive member of Maximum PLR and get access to your own sizzling hot Video PLR products, you’ll never want to leave…

However, if for ANY reason whatsoever you’re not completely satisfied, simply email me for a no hassle refund in full — we’ll walk away friends and say, “Thanks for trying us out.”

Secure Your Membership To Maximum PLR Before It’s Too Late And The Doors Are Closed To New Members

If you’re ready to begin generating an unstoppable stream of of instant cash profits while we do ALL the hard work for you…

Then it’s time for you to join the Maximum PLR membership program, available now for only $47 a month if you take fast action (that’s $2,041 a month in value for mere pennies a day!).

I’ve assembled the premier product creation team just for our members

So that you could truly plug and profit if you desire. While these are completely customizable and you can profit from them any number of ways — if you just want to make some fast cash now…

… simply edit the packages with your name and your payment links, upload them to your server, and sit back and collect cash.

It doesn’t matter if it is 3am in the morning, you will be able to access and download your new video packages and EVERYTHING described above — immediately after your payment.

As Lyn St. James once wisely said, “A second ago is gone, and a second from now might be. Now is all you’ve got. Go for it!”

To your success,

PS – How’d you like to generate some fantastic cash profits right now — as in today? Who wouldn’t? Well here’s your chance to do that… and without all the hard work because I’m doing all the heavy lifting for you — you just plug and play and get instant cash to your accounts in mere minutes from now!

PPS – I’m so confident that you’ll profit from and enjoy this incredible new service that I’m willing to remove every bit of risk with my 60 day money back guarantee. Yep, if at anytime in 60 days you feel like this isn’t for you… simply email me and I will refund you in FULL.

PPPS – By taking action right now you COULD put over $2,041 in real world — no doubt about it — monthly value in your hands for just $47 today. Do not hesitate to take action right away or you could very easily lose your spot in this exclusive and severely limited membership!

.:Risk Free Acceptance Form:.

Yes, Phil! I want in on your sizzling hot Video PLR offer before you close the doors to new members for good!

I understand that by taking action right now I am securing my spot for your incredible offer, which may close at any time.

Once I successfully complete my order I will be getting a fully turnkey business every single month, available to me for download on or around the 15th of the month, each and every month!

This incredible Maximum PLR package includes:

Completely Editable Video Series – I’m getting 10 professionally created and content packed videos every single month. You’re even handing me the avi files so I can edit them as I please!

Full Transcript Of All Videos – You’re even including complete transcripts of these incredible videos, with source files, so I can quickly and easily turn them into content laden reports or autoresponder lesson series too!

Professionally Crafted Sales Letter – You’re making it easy to plug and profit with this professionally crafted sales letter that requires me only to add my own name and order links to start selling immediately!

Professional Set Of Graphics – A complete set of stunning web site graphics designed by your award winning graphic artists (including editable PSD’s).

A Complete Marketing Package, including Matching WordPress Blog Themes, A Special Report to Generate Leads, and all the Keyword Research Done for Me – You’re also handing me a WordPress blog theme designed to look exactly like my Maximum PLR sites — Google loves WordPress blogs — and they’ll REALLY love my fantastic looking blogs… and you’re giving me a 20+ page matching special report to generate leads, and complete keyword research to generate traffic to my new blog and site.

And that is not even including the additional bonuses you two are throwing into the mix — worth hundreds by themselves!

Plus… you’ve even removed the risk by giving me your 100% 60 day satisfaction guarantee so I can only win!

It is on this basis that I am clicking the secure order button below and reserving my place in Maximum PLR… immediately!

Here are your product rights as a Maximum PLR member:

[Yes] Can be sold (Suggested selling price is $27.00 – $67.00)
[Yes] Can be edited
[Yes] Can be offered as a bonus for high end paid products
[Yes] Can be included in “paid” membership sites
[Yes] Can Pass Resale Rights – Only can pass rights to your customers. Your customers cannot pass on any rights. They can only sell the course. No MRR.
[Yes] Can be combined with other offers.
[Yes] Can be printed in physical format.
[Yes] Can claim yourself as the author of the ebook.
[Yes] Can sell on Amazon.com
[Yes] Can sell on eBay.com.
[Yes} Can create a series of short reports (free or paid) by breaking down the contents of the product. Build your list with these.
[Yes] Includes Sales Page
[No] Cannot pass Private Label Rights
[No] Cannot Pass Master Resale Rights
[No] Cannot be given away free as a whole course. Can break it down into a small report to build your list. (See Above)
[No] Cannot be sold as a WSO
[No] Cannot offer as a bonus to a WSO, or resell on the Warrior Forum as a Classified
[No] Cannot pass the editable HTML, PSD, CAMREC, AVI, Word Document, PowerPoint source files along to customers.